Data expertise for a transforming healthcare industry

We provide strategic data science and analytics services to help healthcare organizations improve outcomes and impact lives. Our industry-focused capabilities and deep domain knowledge will accelerate your mission-critical initiatives and keep you ahead of the analytics modernization curve.  

We help you keep pace with healthcare technology innovations and industry trends

Healthcare data is complex and heavily influenced by the changing healthcare policy landscape and industry data standards.  In the new value-based payment environment,  timely data must be in the hands of in the hands of clinicians, case managers, and leadership to achieve quality goals and pursue clinical interventions. Innovations such as natural language processing and artificial intelligence have moved beyond the hypothetical and present opportunities to reduce administrative burden and costs while improving care. 

Meanwhile, increased interoperability means that patient data is flowing, for the first time, across traditionally impenetrable data silos.  Modern cloud and analytics standards underpin new capabilities to securely integrate disparate healthcare data streams.  At Keywell, we’re excited to stay on the cutting edge and partner with you in your analytics and innovation journey.

Health Plan Price Transparency: What’s in the Data?​

Domain Expertise

Subject matter expertise is critical for real-world implementation in health and human services.  Our team has decades of experience in data and technology specific to health and human services industries.  WIth previous roles at industry-leading organizations such as Optum, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, we bring cross-industry perspectives and knowledge to our engagements.

We know and work with common healthcare data sources, healthcare-specific analytics vendors, and industry standards.  We’re also well-versed in HIPAA compliance and are committed to protecting patient information.

Our Technology and Advising Solutions

  Analytics projects often struggle to return real value from significant investments.  We help ensure that your analytics strategy is sound and aligns with your organizational priorities.  Our services include healthcare data strategy, medical price transparency (LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PRICE TRANSPARENCY SOLUTIONS), value-based purchasing analytics, data pipeline development and normalization for claims and electronic health record (EHR) data.

Healthcare Data Strategy

Planning for the Future

Modernize your data capabilities, and develop HIPAA-compliant AI solutions to increase revenue and improve outcomes.

Value-Based Payment Analytics

VBP Models and Metrics

Models to identify and monitor shared savings opportunities as well as patient interventions.

Medical Price Transparency

Negotiated Payer-Provider Prices

Unique dataset and analysis capabilities for nationwide healthcare negotiated rates.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

We are actively deploying HIPAA-compliant AI solutions for healthcare organizations to automate operations, enrich data, and conduct research.  As part of our healthcare data strategic services, we also provide AI workshops to healthcare organizations to better understand limitations and opportunities with AI-based solutions and to develop customized strategies to deploy future AI solutions.  Get in touch at to learn more.

Deliverables for Project Success

  We work with clients at various stages of analytics maturity.  Some organizations have already developed well-conceived data warehouses and want to incorporate advanced analytics or new algorithms.  Others are at earlier stages of data maturity and need help navigating the journey from current state to future vision.  As an illustration, the tangible work that we do to help our clients often falls into strategy, dashboard, dataset, or algorithm deliverables.

We Work With

Our focus is on the success of our clients.  We solve for common strategic data challenges shared across health and human service organizations. 

Meet our Clients

Technologies we know well

We have experience implementing and working with common platforms and business intelligence systems that enable analytics capabilities, including healthcare-specific technologies that may accelerate client data needs.



What our Clients Say

Lois Hester
Lois HesterVP of Customer Solutions, PerfectServe
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[Keywell] was able to help us inventory our data in legacy systems and parse out data that previously had been challenging to obtain to better understand how our product was bringing value to our customers. Separately, Keywell prototyped new dashboards in a platform new to us and was able to integrate data that was previously unavailable. We valued working with Ashley for her healthcare industry experience, technical knowledge, and ability to help us strategize at a high level while bringing immediate value to the organization.
Erine Gray
Erine GrayFounder and CEO, FindHelp
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[Keywell] helped us assess our early analytics strategy and data needs and subsequently helped us revamp our reporting systems to improve our team and customer analytics. We were able to better quantify the impact of our platform in connecting individuals with social care needs to organizations that can help. Keywell was uniquely capable of applying advanced analytics methods to our data, developing a model that combined findhelp and population health data to demonstrate predicted improvement of healthcare outcomes with increased access to healthy food. Keywell also helped us develop interactive dashboards that we display on our public website for researchers and customers to analyze search volume and trends. I would highly recommend Keywell as an analytics services partner.
David Rosenman
David RosenmanPhysician at Mayo Clinic (Former Colleague)
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Tom Fisk is wonderfully reliable, insightful, efficient, and effective. In our experience working together, I was grateful for and impressed by Tom’s careful listening and thoughtful contributions to our work. He is an expert in his field and wonderfully collaborative. Time and again, Tom demonstrated a highest-level mastery of the integrated technology domain, related markets, and equally high-level skill in communicating with other organizational leaders. If I were to get the chance to work again with Tom Fisk, I’d take it in a heartbeat.
Clark Snodgrass
Clark SnodgrassFormer Data Architect and CTO of HHS
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Ashley did an outstanding job in leading the data integration for the Medicaid program and the Women and Infant Children (WIC) program project. She showed excellent communication and presentation skills. Ashley prepared and presented the project findings and overview to all levels of HHS IT, Medicaid and WIC program management and executives. This project was considered a complete success for HHS and the CDA team. Ashley was consistently professional and easy to work with throughout this project and I, and HHS, would not hesitate to work with her again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has deep expertise in claims data (medical, facility, pharmacy), electronic health record data, and industry value sets such as NPPES provider data that are often used in conjunction with these datasets.  We can help normalize with healthcare ontologies and build in groupers, metrics, and enrichments to prepare data for analysis. 

Our experience also includes Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data and social services resource ontologies for available providers and services in the healthcare and human services domain.  In the course of our engagements we often work with these datasets and customer datasets such as digital health app data.  

Yes, we bring data science and AI trends to our client engagements where it is practical and expected to provide meaningful value.  AI will bring transformation to the healthcare industry and presents opportunities to reduce costs and improve care.

Our team has worked with the largest healthcare claims datasets and have experience working with big-data cluster computing technologies that often have a different workflow than analytics with smaller datasets.

Yes, we have experience working with data from multiple EHR vendors and are familiar with common normalization challenges and solutions.  We can help you get more value out of EHR data analysis through normalization and enrichment (including labeling data using natural language processing).

We have experience working on both the payer and provider side of payment model implementation.  Analytics are crucial to assessing VBP opportunity, implementing programs that reduce cost and improve quality for targeted patient populations, and accurately monitoring shared savings for payment.  

All of our team members are trained in management of protected health information – it’s in our professional DNA.  We typically sign a Business Associate Agreement but primarily work inside the virtual walls of our healthcare clients, keeping all data within client systems.  If hosting is required, we will jointly ensure that an approved, HIPAA-compliant hosting solution is implemented.

News and Insights

Improving Health Equity with Price Transparency: Our Collaboration With Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy

Keywell collaborated with Duke University’s Sanford Spring Consulting Project to analyze private payer reimbursement rates and interview healthcare advocates to gain insights on using transparency data for enhancing maternal health response. Discover how this partnership helped prioritize maternal health in underserved areas and improve the quality of care for mothers and newborns.

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